N&L #1 March '14

Notes and Links for March 2014


Hey there, unfortunately I didn't find any time to blog lately. Which is a good sign in one way, because it means I'm busy with work for different projects. But nevertheless I would love to write more. This post should evolve to a habit of posting small updates (that are too long for a tweet) and interesting links I stumbled upon. So here are my notes and links for march.


Links to various interesting / creative / new stuff on the web I came across last month.

  • Uinames.com - uinames.com
    If you need realistic sounding names for designing a user profile page or some sort of timeline.

  • Uifaces.com - uifaces.com
    If you need realistic photos you can use in mockups and even show to your client. No more fake model photos or empty faces.

  • Responsive Table - codepen.io/geoffyuen/pen/FCBEg
    We are used to design everything responsive nowadays - there are only a few things missing: responsive images and tables. This codepen shows an interesting method for making a table usable on small screen sizes.

  • Gibson Font - myfonts.com/fonts/canadatype/gibson
    A nice sans serif typeface, that could be an alternative to some of the high-priced fonts out there.

  • The Pattern Library - thepatternlibrary.com
    This on going project compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs.

I hope you might find some of them useful. The cover image is one of my Instagram shots from last month. Enjoy the April weather!